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The staff
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It is our mission to give the customer the biggest comfort on his way from an idea to the product:






The Founder

in work from 1929 - 1972

Felix Dreusicke

The CEO from 1972 - 1985

Berta Dreusicke

The CFO from 1972 - 1988

Annelies Dreusicke

Felix Dreusicke Berta Dreusicke Annelies Dreusicke

Chief Executive Officer

1979 - today

Thomas Dreusicke


Chief Finance Officer

1984 - today

Ute Dreusicke

Thomas Dreusicke
Ute Dreusicke

Chief Plant Officer

2001 - today

Kay Adamski

Chief Quality Officer

Matthias Lohmann

Chief Production Officer - Plastics

Roberto Laabs

Kay Adamski Matthias Lohmann Roberto Laabs

Design of moulds

Peter Ziegler

Design of moulds

Werner Scheffler

Mould making Dep.

Kay Adamski

Peter Ziegler Werner Scheffler Kay  Adamski

All of our staff is willing to serve our customers.

We know, it is the satisfied customer who pays our wages.