India Tastenfabrik Berlin
building phasis BV "NDR" Nunsdorfer Ring in 12277 Berlin
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Time Lapse movies of the strucural works =>

It is our mission to give the customer the biggest comfort on his way from an idea to the product:






how it started - buying property in February 2007 at a size of 3.866m² (38.660 sqft) from DB AG (Vivico)

First Concepts:

This the Concept now!

Nunsdorfer Ring 17 Notartermin

First Movements on the Ground

Excavation of the Pit

Measuring the amount of water for the Fire Department


The blinding Concrete followed by Crane Fundaments

Bottom Plate 28.11.-12.12.2008

Bottom Plate Part 3 12.12.-23.12.2008

Ceiling over the Cellar 13.01.09 - 28.01.09

First Shorings 29.01.09 - 07.02.09

Ceiling over the Cellar finished 09.02.09 - 27.02.09

Ceiling over Ground Floor 03.03.09 - 04/2009

roofing ceremony on June 12th 2009

roofing ceremony INDIA-DREUSICKE NDR

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